Silverstripe Cookie Statement for implied consent

Version 1

Websites use minimal cookies.

Due to recent EU law changes each website much explicitly state that they will be using cookies.

Any website linking directly to this website claims that the only cookies used are strictly necessary for the operation of the site

Any site liking directly here uses a content management system calledSilverStripe that uses cookies to store some basic, essential data on your interactions with it, such as whether you have logged in. Other cookies state if you have previously logged into the website, and are optionally used to remember your login details for future visits.

Types of information stored

Cookie based

Session based


This is used during your visit and is deleted when you leave the site. If you block this cookie parts of the site will not work properly or will be inaccessible to you as it is used for;

Contributed by Sam Minnée and Sophie Dennis.

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